Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels

Ever heard of Scented Nail Polish?
Sounds good, eh?
Imagine having scented nails so whenever you put your hand around your nose, you smell something good, that magically comes from your nails.
I don't need to imagine it because i already have it!!

Revlon just launched their newest nail enamels collection. The Collection called "Parfumerie"
They come in different bottle design from the other collection which you may have seen it.
Oh, and the price?

I bought mine from Metro Department Store for IDR 42.000 each.
Affordable right?

For the smells, Revlon gives you 3 types of scent. They are:
Fruits and Florals
Sweets and Spices

They are all irresistable!!

As you can see above, i bought mine two bottles of the collection.
They are Moonlit Woods ( purple ) and Apricot Nectar ( peach ). They categorized in Fruits and Florals and Freshes scents.

And for the texture, tbh, i don't really like it. Why? Because they don't blend easily, i needed three covers to make it opaque. 

Are they fast-drying nail polish?
Mmmmm, not really.  They don't dry fast, but it didn't take too long time to be dry though.

So, here's the swatches:

Here's what i used

That's it for today's post. Oh, and i'm sorry for vanishing from the blog hahaha, i was busy enjoying my holiday ;)

Thank you for reading!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nail Art: Stained Glass Nails


it's always exciting when it comes to Lebaran days. I usually go to my grandparent's homes and meet the whole family there, eating some ketupat and opor ayam. Too bad i can't go there this Lebaran.
Maybe next year, yay!

So, in this Lebaran day, i just stay at home, doing some housework (which i rarely do) and playing this Kim Kardashian Hollywood game on my phone all day long.
But, to make myself a little bit more useful, i did my nails!

Today's design is different than the usual. Usually i had flowers, but this one is a little bit complicated and needs extra effort and patience.
This design is called "Stained Glass Nails".
I'm pretty sure most of you have seen Stained Glass.
Stained Glass has pretty and unique designs. It comes in many designs and many colors.
You can see it in buildings, especially the old ones. They usually have stained glass on the building.

I wish i had this drawing talent hahaha. If i had one, i would certainly paint Jesus on my nails.
But, because i don't, i could only draw lines in here and there.
What do you think?

The making process (surprisingly) only took 45 minutes.
As i said before, it wasn't easy at all. I needed extra patience to do this design. But, well, the result is so satisfying even though it's not perfect and a little bit messy especially my pinky nail :(.
For the best glass-look, i applied the top coat for at least three times. Considering this is a Glass-Themed design, you need extra shine right?

For this design, i used:

The black polish is from Beautistyle and please pardon the price tag ;) 

So, what do you think about this design?
Yay or nay?
Please give me your comment. 
And if you want me to follow your blog, just let me know!

Thank you so much for reading, 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nail Art: Inspired Mani: Daisy Delight by Marc Jacobs

Hello lovely readers!
It's been a month since my last post.
 I was making myself busy with General Election Articles, World's Issues Articles and anything related to those.
What about you my fellow Indonesian bloggers and readers? Did you vote?
The official result will be announce two days from now. Oh my gosh, i'm so dying to know who will be the new Indonesian President.
Hope he can make a huge change to this lovely country.
Who doesn't love changes? Bet everyone loves changes. Especially the good ones.

Enough with Politic talks. Now, i have some cute photos of my nail art which i did a week ago.
I bought a bottle oh let me call this one a very cute bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume.
I know that you're familiar of Marc Jacobs perfumes.
So you probably know how cute the bottles are.
My fav is  Marc Jacobs' Daisy Delight.
The colors of the daisies are absolutely my fav colors.
They come with Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Pink!
And they're flowers!
I don't need to explain to you about how much i love flower patterns, do i? 

For the nail art, i drew some daisies with the same color with those on the top of the bottle.
And i applied two coat of base colors on my pinky and ring fingers.
For the nail polishes i used:

Xoxo and take care,


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dorothy Perkins: All About Rose

Hello, lovely readers!
I got an invitaton from Dorothy Perkins to attend their special event last week. They were about to launch their latest special edition called "All About Rose".
I was so surprised because this was my first time to be invited to a fashion event.

There, as you can see. I did my nails as usual hahhaha. This mani was inspired by Dorothy Perkins' All About Rose Collection. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Dorothy Perkins' All About Rose collection is really really really beautiful. I love the colors, i love the patterns. Their dresses and skirts are soo pretty. I really wanted to have all of em. Or at least one of them! Anybody willing to give me one? I'll be your no. 1 fan for the whole of my life :p.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Clutch: New Look; Heels: VNC; Necklace: Gift from a friend

I tried some of DP's collection and let me show you two items that i love the most.
First, there was this super duper cute white bolero with full 4D roses on it.
I love this bolero soo much. See it for yourself and i'm sure you'll agree with me!

Look at those 4D Roses!!

Second, there was this pretty dress. You know i always love wearing dresses. So when i saw this dress, i couldn't not try it.

See how pretty the dress is. The rose patterns come with really pretty pink and blue colors. Such a great combinations! And the dress is soo comfortable to wear. I can imagine going to another tea party wearing this dress and all of the guests praising this beautiful dress. Aaaah just give me one now! Lol.

Julian Tanoto and Regina Raquel

Julian Tanoto and Regina Raquel was spotted having fun trying on the collection and they seemed to have a blast just like me.
Julian was so pretty wearing that maxi dress, isn't she?
They were sooo pretty and fabulous 

Last but least, for you Jakartan fashionistas! Dorothy Perkins is having this competition.
Join it and maybe you're lucky enough to win a free afternoon tea at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique.
As we all know, TWG has the best tea in Indonesia. 
So, why should wait? Join the competition!

That's it for today post.
Thank you Dorothy Perkins, Mitra Adi Perkasa, and Nadissa for inviting me to your cute event!
Thank you readers for reading my post!

Oh and thank you boyfriend for accompanying me and taking photos of me hahaahaha.

Take Care!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Neon Lights

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by
You'll be coming home with me tonight
We'll be burning up like neon lights

Demi Lovato - Neon Lights 

Hello to my lovely readers!
Ohh myy it's been a while since my last post right?
I miss writing here and doing my nails. Really.

So, what is up to my life lately?
Actually i've been busy moving out from Jakarta to Bandung. Soo yes, i'm staying in Bandung now.
Being a "temporary unemployed" is quite fun hahaha i mean i can wake up whenever i want and the most important thing is i can paint my nails whenever i want :)

I'm enjoying my unproductive time now before i go for "the real job"

Ah, enough with my life, now let's hop to my nails!

Remember my last trip to Malaysia? 
Yes the F1 one, right. When i was there, i found this super duper cute neon nail accessories from Forever 21.
I was super excited to see that Forever 21 in Malaysia sells nail accessories. I mean, in Indonesia, they didn't sell such thing but thank God, now they do!

It's been 2 months since i bought this lovely accessories. And, i haven't done anything to my nails with it.
Until yesterday, when i was driving, Neon Lights by Demi Lovato was played on the radio and i was thinking, neon neon neon, gosh! my neon accessories.
Haha yup, that was how this neon design idea comin up ;)

I really love these nail accessories. I love the size, love the colors, love how easily they stick and picked.
What do you think about this design?
Do you love it like i usually love my designs? ;p

For those who live in Malaysia, i got this from Forever 21 in Pavilion Mall only for 15 MYR.
Go get it!!

Thanks for reading.
I will sure appreciate your lovely comments.
If you want me to follow you, just let me know :)

Take care,